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Believe it or not, cigar enthusiasts are not individuals searching for a “nicotine fix,” such as cigarette smokers. Creating and enjoying cigars is an art form and like other forms of art, there are unwritten rules to follow when “herfing” with other fellow devotees. For starters, you should never cut, light, or puff another individual’s cigar. Cigars take years to create and therefore a “pre-light ritual” exists so you can truly appreciate the entire experience of enjoying a flavorful stogie. By cutting and lighting a cigar for someone else, not only are you ruining the experience, but also in most cases it is far from sanitary. However, if a fellow enthusiast asks you to cut his or her cigar as a favor, this is obviously acceptable.

When attending a herf, always bring your own cigars. It is down right rude to expect a fellow enthusiast to offer you a smoke. Some cigars cost $2 while others cost $150 or more, so it is unreasonable to expect a free hand out even though many aficionados do bring extra cigars for sharing. Finally, stamping out a cigar in an ashtray is the most common offense among cigar connoisseurs. When finished with your cigar, you should never stamp it out as done with cigarettes. Doing so breaks apart the burnt tobacco, which creates a foul aroma. Since aromas are some of the most enjoyable aspects of a cigar, stamping out a finished stick ruins this experience for the aficionados around you, so simply lay the cigar down and let it extinguish itself.

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